Mission Statement

What  Is Beautiful is dedicated to educating, encouraging, and empowering a strong sense of value, identity, esteem, and worth in people. 

What Is Beautiful  

What Is Beautiful was created as an avenue to encourage others.  Throughout my life I fought to find my identity in others, things, and the way I looked.  I had a distorted view of who I was while living in shame, guilt, and fear over events and circumstances that happened in my life.  Through the help of my faith, I have walked through restoration. 

I see and hear so many stories of hurting people that are unsure of their value and worth.  I have been on one side and know what it is like to be on the other. 

My desire is to provide hope through:

  • Newsletters
  • Resource information
  • Eating Disorder resources
  • Workshops, speaking engagements, book studies, and writing
  • Hope to shed labels, your past, and any distorted view you have of your self.
Contact Information:

You can comment through this blog or email me at redefinedbeauty@gmail.com