Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Legacy Left

Last night a dear friend went to be with the Lord. This is just a handful of the buckets of messages people are leaving on facebook about our sweet, lovely, amazing friend. She left a legacy.

What I learned from Eileen Marie Osterbauer Fehlen:
Everyone needs Jesus
Pie and prayer restore body and soul
When you see a need, find someone to meet that need
Meatloaf can be edible...
It's OK to come to worship with pink hair and a leather jacket
When in doubt, call everyone "Honey"
Expect the unexpected, then watch God work
Hugs are always appropriate
Love never fails
Buy yourself a red, Mustang convertable for your birthday
If you have leftovers and a package of noodles, you have dinner
The garage is the perfect place to butcher a deer
We were created in a garden, so plant, grow, harvest and eat
The Good Samaritan is not a myth or theory, but to be lived out.

Our community has just lost a dearly beloved friend/sister/Mom/Grandma/gardener and Associate Pastor of Stanwood Foursquare Church. In the footsteps of Jesus, she preached good news to the poor, she proclaimed freedom to the prisoners, recovery of sight to the blind, release for the oppressed and proclaimed the year of the Lord's favor. She wasn't afraid of hard work, she always had hugs and enco...uragement and deep, meaningful prayer for everyone. She spear-headed all kinds of outreach ministries for the community and the world that fed and comforted hundreds, even thousands! I am so thankful for the many times she came alongside me when I needed a partner in prayer. Eileen Marie Osterbauer Fehlen died suddenly this week. Many hearts are devastated by the loss, but we know she is enjoying an eternal hug from Jesus... and some well-deserved REST!!!! Rest in peace Sister.

People are in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime." - wisdom given to me from Eileen Fehlen on our way home from cooking for a weekend Men's Retreat. May her legacy of love live through us.

Very early on Sunday mornings, this women would pull into the street that faced my bedroom window and flash her lights into my room. As I quickly woke up and looked out my window to see what was going on, this red convertible would speed away. It was her way of telling me to get out of bed and get to church. When I would get to church, she would look at me with those big eyes and smile and very innocently say "It is so good to see you this morning Jeanne." Eileen I have so many memories that make me smile.

My heart is breaking for my dear friend Eileen. She has been my Stanwood mom when I haven't had family around. She prayed for my womb when we wanted children, she prayed for my children when it was time for them to come. She has changed this community with her love and heart for Jesus. I cannot think of one thing she has not had a hand in. From foster care to free clinics, she helps with her hole heart. I need her and love her so!

Can I be like you when I grow up?

To an amazing woman who showed the world to love without reservation, give selflessly, and garden with the best of them: Eileen, you will be missed by so many. May we continue your legacy by the way in which we conduct ourselves in our own lives. Much love to my Fehlen Family on this sad day of loss.


You are deeply missed Grandma Pie :) You left an incredible legacy of love, laughter and how Christians should daily live out Christ love.... Everyone who met you fell in love with you and felt welcomed and like we had always known each other, like family. Stanwood will not be the same without your contagious smile.


She taught me that Christ is here on earth in others. She also taught me that we are all children of God no matter what our circumstances in life. I am so going to miss my friend.

May I learn to live my life as well as Eileen.

I love you Eileen.

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