Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Garbage Day

Monday is garbage day at my house.  All week we fill the outdoor garbage can with bags from the inside. We dump them in the plastic blue and brown cans...attach the lids.  On Monday mornings we go around the house and empty the garbage form the bathrooms and the last from the kitchen.  We pull the cans to the end of the driveway, set them at the curb, and wait.  We wait for a big truck to come to our neighborhood, grab our trash cans and dump them in the back of their truck.  They set the cans back down...empty.  They take the's gone.  Whatever I put in that garbage can is gone.  I bring the empty cans back up to the house to be filled up again.  Throw it away...Take it away...Fill it up again.

I love garbage day.  When the garbage person comes with their big truck and carries away my garbage...I know I will never see that garbage again.  It is gone.

During the day...During the week...our past...our life can seem to fill, be filled with garbage.  Word garbage. Anger garbage.  Hurt garbage.  Unforgiveness garbage.  Abandonment, rejection, lonely garbage.  We tell ourselves garbage.  We hear garbage.  We see garbage.

What can we do with all of this garbage?

We open our bibles and read...soak in...believe the Word of God.

The TRUTH penned in between the worn black leather bound book that I carry from room to holds hope.  It holds restoration.  It takes all of the garbage and tosses it away...and the mind, my heart is refilled with Him.

I sounds so simple.  I know that we can read the Word and not believe it.  I have been there.  I have taken that garbage right back and refilled my mind and heart with it.  But the more and more I let God be God and believe every word in the bible...I know that the only place to get rid of my garbage is to open my Bible and read and choose every day to believe it for me.

My challenge to you today is to let God take your garbage away for good.

You are worth it.

You have purpose...and you are loved.


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