Friday, February 8, 2013

Redeemed. Restored. Rescued. Returned.


God does these incredible things.
God alone.
His love.
His grace.
His mercy.
His promise.
His Word.
God alone.
His hand reaches down...His peace wraps around us like a blanket.  

He redeems all who were lost.
     He restores all who were broken.
          He rescues all who were held captive.
               He returns all who were went the wrong way.

I remember hearing all of ears were fed these words....they came in by those who loved me...they registered in my thoughts...but as fast as they came in...they went out.  I heard them.  I believed them...for them and others but not me.  If you hear these words and these PROMISES...and you can't quite let them be words for you...
     Stop and read them again.
           Try to understand that they are for you and me....they really are.  Just let yourself believe them even for a minute.\
   Are you saying that God's Word isn't true...that God doesn't mean what He says,,,that you don't trust Him?  I know that is not what you want to think.  But how can we say those words aren't meant for us and believe the Bible at the same time?  
Redeemed you are.
Restored you are.
Rescued you are.
Returned you are.

Even if you don't believe it....I do.
Remember this is my past: Rape. Date Rape. Dated every boy. Two abortions. Made many many bad decisions.  Had my first daughter without being married.  Divorced.  Made an immoral decision that lost trust of many people. (And some of these things I did when I knew Jesus).   But I am Redeemed.   I am Restored.  I was Rescued.  My life was Returned.
I am a new person.
I couldn't believe it.
But I do.
I didn't want to believe it.
But I do.

I am free. 
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